About Me

Hi, I'm Angelina, Ayurveda and Holistic Health Counselor.

I work with each individual as a whole being using Ayurveda health coaching, yoga, and meditation to create sustainable and practical diet and lifestyle practices.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 2010, and offering Ayurveda consultations, classes, and workshops since 2018. Currently located in northern Virginia, I will always consider myself a Colorado native. My love of nature has transformed the way I move through life and has connected me with my own inner rhythm. Once I was able to listen to the deep inner wisdom of my being through the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda, I was able to craft a lifestyle that supports my every day health and wellness and has created a mindset that allows me to show up for each day with compassion and joy.

Principles I Live By

✔ We get more from life when we are aligned with our own rhythm.

✔ Compassion for self and others opens the door to the heart and allows us to connect.

✔ Understanding that “healthy” food and exercise is different for all of us and in determining our own definition of healthy, rather than following a perceived norm, we can create a life we want to live.

✔ Making “healthy” choices is difficult, so having a good plan in place can make things so much more simple. Not easy, but we can take some of the things that throw us off track out of the equation.

✔ Life with contentment is critical to a life of joy. Not that we need to be happy every day and not set goals, but to trust we are on the right path so when we veer away, we can get right back to it.

My Philosophy

Ayurveda can seem daunting or inaccessible, but it’s really just about connecting to our own personal rhythm to help us connect more deeply in life, create supportive routines, and get enough sleep! It’s that simple. Although it is simple, it isn’t easy. Undoing a lifetime of habits that have taken us out of balance and don’t support us emotionally, physically, or mentally takes time, patience, and a deep desire to be our best self. The hard part is knowing we have to let go of some things we may be attached to for a multitude of reasons.

The good news is Ayurveda recognizes we are living in the real world and are doing the best we can most days, so if we can have supportive habits 80% percent of the time, the other 20% is where we really find the learning.

I believe that 20% is really more important than the 80% because the imperfections are really where the light shines through and we learn where change is able to occur. If we try to force change in certain aspects of life when we aren’t ready to do so, we can meet with failure and slip into old routines. We can use what we learn in that 20% to see what we’re ready for and work with compassion, understanding, and respect for ourself.


  • Ayurveda Health Counselor (Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health) – offering exclusively designed diet and lifestyle practices for each individual and creating unique workshops and events.
  • Experienced 500Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (200Hour from Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation, and 500Hour from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health) – teaching since 2010 with many years of inspiration from Ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, Jivamukti, Dharma, Forrest styles of yoga to create intelligent and inspired sequences formed from the philosophy and teachings of yoga. In addition, I have completed trainings in restorative yoga with Shannon Paige Kennedy and Bernie Wandell (Yoga District), yin yoga with Biff Mithoeffer, chair yoga with Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala, Rocket Yoga with David Kyle and Steve Pyka, and pranayama (breathing techniques) with Indu Arora.
  • Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Guide (Jennifer Reis) – offering guided relaxation and meditation techniques to facilitate relaxation, better sleep, and stress reduction.
  • Usui Reiki Master (Mei McConnell, Mahan Deva) – working with the energetic body to release tension, energy blocks, and connect with energy on a subtle level.
  • Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (Colorado State University) – keeping the creativity alive with interesting workshops, courses, and ways to deeply connect through the practices of Āyurveda and yoga.

My Philosophy

Ayurveda is about connecting to our own personal rhythm to help us connect more deeply in life, create supportive routines, and get enough sleep! It’s that simple. Although it is simple, it isn’t easy. Having a partner can make it happen.