Self-Care is More Than Just a Bubble Bath

Self Care is More than a Bubble Bath Blog Post Header Image for Sage & Fettle Ayurveda with rubber duck covered in bubbles

Self-Care has undoubtedly become a ‘buzz’ word in our culture. It ranges from taking time for meditative practices to taking a bubble bath. But what does self-care really mean? Self-Care Roots Before medical care was available to most factions of society, many people relied on their own knowledge of plants and herbs to create a system of medical care….

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Attitude of Gratitude


Living a life with gratitude can be difficult. We live in a society where we are bombarded with the idea of wanting more, something better. Always have the top of the line phone, ditch the 40″ television for the 60″ even though the original is working fine, whatever. Our culture is, generally, a throw away society where it is…

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10 Travel Tips from Ayurveda

May 2022 10 Tips for Travel from Ayurveda Blog Featured Image

Although travel is exciting and fun, it can also be daunting. Putting together plans, coordinating schedules and events, and the actual travel time can lead to undue stress and that can take a toll on our health.   When we travel our routines are disrupted. Sleep is not usually as restful as it is at home or we may…

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Ayurveda Spring Cleanse

Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Featured Image Sage & Fettle Ayurveda Blog Post

What is an Ayurveda cleanse? An Ayurveda cleanse typically occurs around the seasonal changes, but is also useful in times when there are imbalances throughout the year. The purpose is to help boost the body’s natural rejuvenation and detoxification processes to cleanse the body and mind of excess kapha, pitta, or vata, to get digestion functioning optimally, and to…

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All Stuffed Up this Spring?

Neti Pot

Clear Up with Neti Pot Spring is beginning bloom with blossoms beginning to open, leaves growing on trees, birds chirping, and with it, possibly allergies and congestion. If seasonal allergies are something that create discomfort and prevent you from stopping to smell the roses, the Neti pot (or nasal rinse) is here to help! What Is It? A Neti…

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