Ayurveda Kitchen: Spring Cooking Class

Spring Ayurveda Cooking Class with Sage & Fettle Ayurveda and Angelina Fox March 12, 2022 Event Image

This 2 hour online healthy cooking class incorporates fresh, whole ingredients and is based on Ayurveda principles to cultivate lightness and brightness! You’ll be ready to step your best foot forward with a little spring in your step! Spring is a time when we’re clearing things out, including congestion and toxins in the body. By incorporating spring foods, it…

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Ayurveda Kitchen: Cooking Class for Winter

Sage & Fettle Ayurveda Winter Cooking Class Main Event Image

Join Angelina for the this two hour virtual cooking class on designing meals to support you through the winter months for health and wellbeing. Incorporating fresh, whole ingredients that cultivate warmth, these meals will support your immunity and set you up for better wellbeing in the spring. Winter is a time where we want to create a sense of…

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Create Greater Wellbeing this Fall

Create Better Wellbeing this Fall - October Sage & Fettle Ayurveda Newsletter

Transitioning from summer to fall can be difficult on our system and our mindset. There are many things we can do to help make the transition a little smoother and easier to cope with. Fall is one of the most magical times of year. When the leaves begin to change from shades of green into purples, golds, pinks, and…

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New Year Winter Ayurveda Cleanse

Sage & Fettle Ayurveda Winter Cleanse Product and Square Event Image

Start your new year off with optimizing your digestive capability to maintain a healthy gut and support optimal health to reduce illness, digestive discomfort, and stimulate your digestion. Supported by the wisdom of Ayurveda, this “cleanse” will offer you insight into your health, relationship with food, and help clear out any clutter from the holidays so you can jump…

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